We believe in providing a single price package that covers everything a premium package should provide at a price much lower than a basic package while delivering top-notch web solutions for you.


We provide premium and affordable services for both Standard and Ecommerce CMS web packages. Check out the comparison of both packages.

Standard Web Solution Package (CMS) 

Standard Web Solution Package (CMS)

For business owner who wants to have a web site for their company to provide information about the products and services they sell, or to simply create awareness in the internet.

For anyone who want to create a forum, review site, food/fashion blog, personal website, how-to site or any other infomative site.

eCommerce Web Solution Package (CMS)

eCommerce Web Solution Package (CMS)

For individuals or business owners who wants to sell their products online using conventional shopping cart method, and allow the customer to pay via multiple payment gateway.

What is Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System based website is a dynamic website that allows user to change their web content easily without fiddling with programming codes. It allows maintenance such as publishing, editing and modifying of content via a single control panel.

Avernor Design uses the most popular CMS in the market, WordPress, to create your website. The WordPress we are using is not the popular blog provider (although they are the same company). This is a full fledged CMS that currently owns 66% of the CMS market (biggest market share) , and powers 15% of websites in the entire World Wide Web. Companies such as eBay, NBA, Yahoo!, Dell and UPS are powered by WordPress.

With CMS, you no longer need to rely on your web designer! You can manage it without any difficulties.